Basel Stools

Program: Furniture for the Exhibition "Basel Short Stories" at the Kunstmuseum Basel


Project information

Architect: Manuel Herz Architects, Basel










For the Kunstmuseum Basel we have designed special furniture, which refers to the personalities that are thematized in the exhibition.
The profiles of their heads shape the stools. The stools exist in two versions: The facial profile are either cut out of the wood, or vice versa, the wood represents the profile. When placed together, the profile appears as a slot-like space between the two stool. Lathed as a rotating body out of limewood, the stools also refer to famous predecessors from furniture design, especially those of Charles and Ray Eames. In the Kunstmuseum Basel, the stools give the opportunity to rest, viewing the film or reading the catalog, and the unique opportunity to sit on the heads of Nieztsche, Erasmus or several other famous people.